Bamboo and wooden sunglasses - bamboe en houten zonnebril

Buy your wooden & bamboo sunglasses at Bastard Sunglasses!

The most awesome sunglasses website in the universe! The collection from Bastard Sunglasses contains wooden sunglasses and bamboo sunglasses. The American hype from 2015 continues in 2015 and is already the new standard in Europe, from Amsterdam to London, From Helsinki to Milan and from Berlin to Paris!

Maybe you saw them before in the Internet, those awesome bamboo shades and wooden sunglasses, but maybe you thought that they were quite expensive… Yes? Than your at the right place! We sell affordable wooden shades and affordable bamboo shades!

Buy Bamboo sunglasses

Our affordable bamboo sunglasses are made of durable quality and are also very environmentally friendly. Because bamboo is a fast growing natural product, the soil in which the bamboo grows, will experience less damage to the environment. The turnaround time is shorter and therefore ecologically. 

The bamboo sunglasses are all handmade and have a strict quality check encountered. We guarantee a fashionable natural and fair sunglasses. The bamboo sunglasses is firm but at the same time super light in weight!

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Buy Wooden sunglasses

Our affordable wooden sunglasses are also durable. Wood is a natural product and therefore it will barelyy damage the environment. The wooden sunglasses are the trend of the moment. The collection of Bastard Sunglasses is awesome and affordable!

Just like the bamboo sunglasses you will be amazed about the weight of the sunglasses! They are extremly light weight! A real must! A robust fashionable natural product!

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Protective Cases

Each wooden sunglasses or bamboo sunglasses deserves a firm protective case. At Bastard Sunglasses we offer two awesome options! First of all we have a block case, by means of a hinge opens the cover very easily altough it still gives just enough grip to protect your favourite shades. The other popular option is our cylinder. This case is made of extra thick bamboo which gives it extra strength. The lid opens by means of a simple twist.

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Cleaning kit and protective carrying case

With each sunglasses (whether it's wood or bamboo) you'll get at Bastard Sunglasses a cleaning wipe (for the lenses) and a protective pouch for free! Totally free, just to keep your sunglasses in optimal condition!